About Us


The use of well chosen second-hand machinery is a sound investment and is becoming increasingly accepted in all  branches of industry. Through proper planning,  capital costs can be reduced.

Over the years EL HADI Eng. Office has collected great experience in marketing of good second-hand equipment and machinery worldwide and continuously increased its activities in environment.

Most of our  machines are from German manufacturer with  high quality standard and guaranty for Function  and  production. We also can  assist in  technical  and  process  know-how as well as economic/ technical feasibility of new Projects. We are able to supply complete production lines, machines, equipment, and spare parts for example:


















· Pulp and Paper industries, Production Lines

· Packaging industries as well as converting and Printing machinery.

· Steel and Aluminum Production Projects.

· Tools machines, Steel manufacturing und  production lines.

· Wood Industries.

· Textile industries.

· Chemical and Petrochemical, plastic and rubber Pharmaceutical … etc.

· Food industries such as Diary plants, Bakeries, can and bottle filling/closing.

· Contracting and all kinds of cranes and Transport equipments.

· Power machines and electric equipments, Motors, Generators, Steam Boilers.

· Recycling System in fields : Metal, general Waste, Wood, Water...etc.

· We are Agent in all Arab Countries for following famous Company:

EL HADI Engineering Office is always taking great effort to satisfy the Customers wishes and to give support until completion of the Project.